Anonymous tracking of the COVID-19 spread in Germany



All ages

Corona-Datenspende is an app that the Robert Koch Institute in Germany is using to collaborate in the study of the spread of COVID-19 in Germany. The app looks at the activity of users who provide their physical activity data. With that information, scientists check any anomaly related to the main symptoms of the virus in order to pinpoint the nuclei of the most affected populations.

Using Corona-Datenspende is really easy so you can start collaborating as well in a matter of minutes. First, you have to agree with the privacy policy to start providing data about your physical activity. It's important to highlight that the app is capable of using the parameters provided by any external device that connects to your smartphone through Google Fit and Apple Health.

Another aspect to take into account is that you also have to enter your zip code. This piece of information is necessary in order to identify your location and detect which areas of Germany are being most affected by the virus. However, you can identify yourself with a nickname to keep your privacy intact at all times.

Corona-Datenspende is a good initiative that helps slowdown Coronavirus in Germany. Using this monitoring app, scientists can analyze your physical performance throughout the day and detect any signs of fever or other symptoms you may have.